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Sexy Hot Perspective Underwear Conjoined Black Mesh One-piece Zipper Teenage Lingerie

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Fashion Element:Perspective/Mesh/Zipper


[Washing Tips] The water temperature is lower than 40 degrees, the best hand washing, do not use force, do not bleach and iron, hang dry

[Maintenance Tips] Sexy underwear can not be machine washed or bleached. It is recommended to use a weak salty laundry detergent to wash with hands and then dry naturally.

[Size] S/M/L/XL/2XL

S:Bust:83(CM)/32.7"; Length:70(CM)/27.6"; Waist:69(CM)/27.2";

M:Bust:84(CM)/33.1"; Length:71(CM)/28"; Waist:72(CM)/28.3";

L:Bust:87(CM)/34.3"; Length:71(CM)/28"; Waist:85(CM)/33.5";

XL:Bust:90(CM)/35.4"; Length:72(CM)/28.3"; Waist:88(CM)/34.6";

XXL:Bust:93(CM)/36.6"; Length:72(CM)/28.3"; Waist:91(CM)/35.8";

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